How To Convert Articles Into Videos (2021 Guide)

Convert Article into Video using Recreate
In this blog post, I'll show you how you can easily repurpose written content like blogs or articles into videos with Recreate's powerful AI assisted article to video converter. You'll also learn how AI voices can be added to your videos to make them stand out.

General steps to creating videos

From humanoid character development to a way to convert Articles into Videos, AI in video creation has come a long way. With the current state of the art technologies, creating videos for businesses and brands has become disturbingly simple. Say, for example, you want to create a Youtube channel and put out your videos. The way things used to work (and still do, for some folks) is –

  1. Do topic research on what users/potential customers are looking for
  2. Write a script for your video
  3. Record Voice over 
  4. Create a video with the appropriate stock footage/images or your own clips
  5. Add text and effects to videos
  6. Upload all of this stuff to Youtube

What if I told you that all of these things can be automated by AI. I won’t go far enough to claim that AI can do all of these and put out a coherent video, but hey! If an AI can give you a starting template to work from, editing shouldn’t be that hard right?

AI assisted video creation

For a full tutorial on how to get started with Youtube video creation and which AI tools can help you in –

  1. Topic Research tools
  2. Script Writing AI tools 
  3. Natural Sounding voice overs from text using AI

And lots more, here’s a complete article (Youtube Marketing with AI for Beginners)

In this article I will go through the fastest and arguably the easiest way to create videos from plain text. Whether you’re a business looking to repurpose all of your blogs into videos that generate more leads or a freelancer looking to simply convert a text blob into a video, this article is for you.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that the blog/article or text you are converting is your own. Plagiarism is not cool. You can always pick up blogs or snippets from blogs and add your bit to them and convert them into videos. If you want me to write a blog on how AI can paraphrase your text for you, just reach out to me on any of Recreate’s social media handles.

Now that we are clear on that, let’s get started!

Here are the steps I’ll follow to create a video from a blog post/text.

  1. Getting your text or article
  2. Selecting the template of your choice
  3. Selecting keywords and final edits on your article/blog post
  4. Editing media for your video
  5. Adding music and AI generated voice overs
  6. Uploading your video onto Youtube


If you’re too lazy to read an article and prefer to look at a video tutorial, just click here

Preparing your text or article

To get rolling on this, just sign up here for Recreate, it’s FREE! In the next screen you’ll have an option to pick ‘Article To Video’. Pick this option to convert your written text into videos

Pick article to video from Recreate's options

Please remember, you can only convert articles, blog posts or written text into videos. Websites with no written content cannot be converted into videos.


Selecting the template of your choice

Next you’ll be redirected to pick a template of your choice. You can choose different aspect ratios depending on which social media platform you want to post your video on.

Select Horizontal (16:9) if you’re looking at making a video for Youtube

Vertical (9:16) if you’re looking at making videos for Instagram stories, TikTok or Facebook stories.

Square (1:1) if you’re looking at creating Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram posts.


Don’t worry, you’ll have an option to resize these later when you’re editing your video

Select A Template

Selecting keywords and final edits on your article/blog post

Once you’ve selected your template, you’ll be redirected to enter your text or paste the link of your article.

  1. If you paste a link to your article, Recreate’s AI assisted system will scrape the article for you and the AI will automatically summarize your article.
  2. If you give your text, the AI will try to split your text into short consumable lines.


After this, the Recreate’s AI will find the most relevant keywords in each line of your text. Here, you have the ability to edit your sentences, combine them, and add more sentences. The selected keywords will appear in blue. You have the ability to change these keywords and pick out relevant keywords or key-phrases. 

The system will then try to find appropriate matching stock footage and images for all of your keywords and you’ll be redirected to the storyboard in under a minute.

Here’s the text I’ve given – 

The cat is a domestic animal. Its scientific name is Felis catus. It is a small animal which belongs to the “Felidae” family. The cat is the only domesticated species of the family. Other members include tigers, panthers, etc. Cats are adorable animals and are petted by lots of people in the world. They are playful and spending time with them reduces stress and anxiety. In this essay about cat in English, their nature, behavior and diet have been discussed.

And I have my storyboard in under a minute.

Recreate's AI keyword finder

Single click convert articles into videos

Once you have your storyboard, you can go ahead and edit media from the media tab. Drag and drop appropriate images/clips onto the scenes on the right. You can drag multiple clips onto a single scene.

You can also change the animations of the text, change colors, fonts, size of the image/video, crop the video, add special effects like overlays, transitions, youtube subscribe stickers and a lot more!

You can preview each scene by clicking on the play icon right next to the scene. You can also increase the duration of each scene with the timer.

Adding music and voice overs

Recreate comes with an inbuilt library of over 300 royalty free music. You can always upload your own music or audio files. You can record voice over for each scene as well. 

Recreate also gives you access to convert your written text into audio files. You can access the natural sounding Text-to-speech functionality and create voices for each scene. 

Once your audio files are ready, you can find them in your folders. You just have to drag and drop them under each scene. 

Here you can adjust the audio length, determine where and when you want to start it, crop the audio, add multiple audio files and much more!

Finally, when you are happy with your work, just preview it and download it in the resolution of your choice.

AI text to speech on Recreate

Uploading your video to Youtube

Once you finish your video, you can directly upload your video to Youtube and see that subscriber and views soar through the roof!

Convert Articles To Videos - Video Tutorial

That’s it for today folks! What more features would you like to see on Recreate’s article to video engine? Drop a like and follow us for more updates!



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