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Cropping videos is crucial for multiple purposes. Whether you want to remove unwanted elements from your video, resize your video for social media or emphasize on a particular scene, cropping is the way to go. In this blog, I talk about how easy it is to crop videos using Recreate. The best part, it's Free and completely online!

Poorly cropped videos are a no-go. When you’re trying to make the perfect explainer videos for your Instagram handle or the right reaction video for your YouTube account, a poorly fit video ruins the end experience for the viewers. Cropping videos can also help eliminate unnecessary elements within the video frame or to increase focus on a particular area in the scene.

In this article, you will learn about the differences between cropping, trimming and the steps involved in cropping videos online.

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The Difference between Cropping and Trimming

Both Cropping and Trimming help remove unwanted elements of the video in different ways. Cropping helps you eliminate elements based on the four cardinal directions (top, down, right and left) in any particular scene of the video.

Cropping helps you change the perspective, put things in focus, emphasize certain objects and change the overall composition of a particular scene in a video.

Difference between trim and cropping videos on Recreate

Trimming helps you remove unwanted scenes in any portion of the video. You retain the content that you want and remove the scenes either at the beginning or at the end of the video or both. This is a more frequently used process and a lot of video designers, influencers and companies use this to make their videos compact.

How to crop videos online?

Free Online video editors like Recreate come with full blown video editing features like crop and trim, along with the ability to resize, loop and merge multiple videos together. 

Step 1: Sign In to Recreate

Sign in to your Recreate account. If you’re new to Recreate, you can create a new account by giving your details or using Facebook to sign up. Once you’re inside you can choose to start from scratch, use templates or convert text to video using our AI video maker. If you’re uploading your own video, choose Blank Template

Select Blank template for cropping your videos on Recreate

Step 2: Upload your video

Drag and drop the video from your local storage into the “Upload” section. Store these uploads in the “My Uploads” folder for future use.

Upload video to crop on Recreate

Step 3: Add your video to the scene

Drop your videos from the ‘Uploads’ section onto the scene on the right. You can drop multiple videos on different scenes and crop all of them together. You can click on the video and the left panel opens up option to ‘Crop Video’.

Step 3 of Cropping videos on Recreate

Step 4: Adjust the crop dimensions

Once you click on crop, a new modal opens up with your video. Just drag to extend the size of the crop area. You can change it to any dimensions you like. You can also move the selected area around to crop a particular area of your scene.

Adjust cropping dimension of video on Recreate

Step 5: Export your video

Click on ‘Save’ button. You can crop multiple videos and put them on the same scene or add them to different scenes to create a coherent video. Once you are happy with the cropping, just click on ‘Preview’ and export your video in high resolution.

Crop multiple videos on Recreate

Cropping For Social Media

Recreate makes it disturbingly simple to crop videos for your social media channels. From the ‘Format’ tab on the left, select the dimensions that suit you the best. Recreate’s AI will automatically adjust the video to that dimensions. If you feel you need more changes, just click on the video -> select ‘fit/fill scene’. You can also adjust the dimensions of the video by dragging the edges.

Crop videos for social media using Recreate

These are some quickfire 5 steps using which you can crop videos online for free with Recreate’s online video editor. For more ways to learn how to create videos online and use video editing tools, subscribe to Recreate’s YouTube channel.

That’s it for today guys!

Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like these to help you create better videos. Feel free to reach out to me on any of Recreate’s social media channels.

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