Things People Don’t Tell You About Youtube Marketing When Getting Started As A Beginner (2021 Guide)

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Learn everything from setting up your Youtube Channel to getting those initial subscriber and likes. You will also learn about how AI can help write your script, generate voice overs, create Youtube videos from that script and automatically add subtitles.

Welcome to my guide on Youtube Video Marketing for beginners. There are enough and more guides that tell you how you need to know your audience, why you should include Youtube into your marketing strategy, having a perfect schedule and so on. 

This one will be a little different. I’ll focus on actionable strategies with step-by-step instructions from setting up your Youtube channel to editing your video online using AI to getting those first set of subscribers and likes. Trust me, the first set of subscribers is the hardest, after that scaling is something I’m sure you can figure out. Or, I’ll just write another guide 🙂 

This article is for you if you’re playing the role of a Digital Marketer for your business and you want to drive traffic to your website without having to spend on Google/Youtube Ads.

Here’s how I’ve divided the article. Feel free to click on any of the headings and jump to it – 

  1. Why you should start Youtube Marketing for your business
  2. The initial setup of your channel
  3. Writing  a great title for your videos, creating a thumbnail and writing descriptions with appropriate tags
  4. Creating Videos With AI
  5. Getting those initial subscribers
  6. Frequently asked questions


Just remember, these are not some random points that I’ve picked up from a bunch of articles to put here. I’ve personally executed all of these points and I’m going to hand hold you through these steps with screenshots wherever I can.


Let’s get started!


Why You Should Start Youtube Marketing For Your Business

I’m going to keep this section small. I just want you to know the power of Youtube marketing and how with minimal effort you can start driving traffic to your business from Youtube. Remember, it’s the second largest search engine on the planet. People actually look for products and services on Youtube. Also, this is going to be organic traffic that you drive and not have to pay for!

  1. Youtube is the second most visited website in the world.(Alexa)
  2. 2 Billion people log into Youtube every month
  3. 68% of YouTube users state that videos help them make a “purchasing decision” (Google)
  4. The number of SMBs who are advertising has grown two fold over the last year (Youtube)
  5. Youtube reaches more 18-34 year olds than any other TV network.

 I hope those convince you as to why you need to be on Youtube and how you can leverage Youtube as a source for video advertising. Remember this,


Making a 1 minute long video is a lot easier than writing a 2000 word article.


With the resources I list in the ‘Creating Videos’ section, you don’t even have to show your face, add your own voice or even write your own script for a video. All of these are AI based tools that reduce your work by a ton!


The Initial setup of Your Channel

This blog post won’t go into much detail about uploading your profile picture, or uploading your videos. Youtube already has those steps, it’s easy and you don’t need me to tell you anything there. But for the sake of saving you some time, I’ll list the steps in the order you have to follow to reduce your work in setting up a Youtube Channel. Just go follow these steps in this order and you’ll save a lot of back and forth.

  1. Create a gmail account/login with your @company_name email into Youtube
  2. Get a PNG file of your logo and one more image if you like for the cover picture
  3. Prepare an ‘About’ section describing what your channel is about.
  4. Now, you have everything you need to get started. Just click on your profile icon at the top right -> YouTube Studio -> Left bar (customization) -> Add all of the above stuff and hit ‘Publish’

Quite easy till there? Good!

Things people generally don’t tell you

  1. Most blogs talk about setting up channel video, adding the perfect thumbnails, SEO and more. But if you’re getting just started, you don’t have to worry about them (just yet). For now, focus on the core vitals.
  2. Head over to Tubebuddy and sign up there, it’s Free and add the chrome extension. I’m not affiliated with this but I’ll tell you exactly how to use it in just a minute. This is a Free tool for you to check Youtube SEO.
  3. Just type your keyword in the Youtube search bar and head over to the right, click on ‘keyword score’ of Tubebuddy and then check how it is performing. You need something that is at least yellow or higher. Try out with a couple of keywords in your industry to check what is good. Here’s an example for ‘Video Editor’

How to find the perfect title using TubeBuddy


This will be the Title of your First Video.


Title, Thumbnail, Description and Tags for Your Youtube Video

Okay, we figured out what title we are going to use to rank higher on the Youtube searches. Now for the other parts

1. Video Thumbnail

There are books written on Youtube thumbnails and people who specifically are hired to create only youtube thumbnails. But for starters, we’ll keep it extremely simple.

  1. Check out what competitors/similar keywords have as thumbnails. This will be your blueprint on how your thumbnail will look like.
  2. From my experience, consider this as  the most basic form of Youtube thumbnail template. This works in 90% of the cases

Check the diagram below –

Things people generally don’t tell you

  1. Keep the thumbnails always consistent with your brand color
  2. Thumbnails are important for viewers to click on your video and that’s all. Your video needs to take over within the first 5 seconds to keep people interested.
  3. Always create a high resolution thumbnail. Here are the dimensions – 1920 (width) X 1080 (height). This is in pixels. Or you can use the preset sizes on Recreate


2. Video Description

When was the last time you actually went and read a video’s description on youtube?

Description is mostly for the youtube algorithm. That said, do write a decently long description. There are studies that show a longer description generates more views and clicks.

Main content of description – Keep this to about 5-6 lines. Your job is to fill these 6 lines with all the keywords you want to appear for in ‘coherent English sentences’. (read those last 3 words again) Don’t just stuff keywords in there, make it readable.

Relevant links – This is the space where you paste your website link/ affiliate links or anything else that you want people to redirect to. Make sure you place it above the chapters and most importantly above the fold (The part where it goes into those ‘…. and expand’).

It’s a good idea to point people towards your website or relevant blogs just to keep them in the loop.

Chapters – Those little sections on the seek tab of youtube which give you the name and preview of that portion of the video are called Chapters. The Youtube algorithm seems to love this. Even if it doesn’t it makes it extremely easy for your users to skim through your video and go to parts that they enjoy.

I’ll layout the structure of Youtube chapters here –

0:00 – chapter 1

0:04 – chapter 2

1:03 – chapter 3

And if your video is greater than 10 minutes,

00:00 – chapter 1

00:04 – chapter 2

10:03 – chapter 3

Hashtags – Hashtags help the youtube algorithm understand the kind of content you are talking about in your video. The Top 3 hashtags appear under your video. Make sure they are the most relevant ones.


How A Good Youtube Description Looks Like

Anatomy of A Good Youtube Video Description

3. Tags

Youtube claims that tags are not very important in ranking but are used for helping users find your video if words are misspelt. Here’s what my suggestion is, add about 5-7 tags in the decreasing order of relevance to your video. This will help the Youtube Algorithm understand what your video is about and also help users find your video. In the order of priority, tags come only after your title, description and thumbnail.

Creating Videos

Most blogs talk about the points that you need to keep in mind while creating your videos. This is mostly generic advice which is applicable to any video. But for channels just starting out, you don’t need to get into such depth. Let’s make it extremely easy for you to create your first 20-30 youtube videos for your channel.

To simplify this, I’ll break this down into steps. Follow this while creating any video 

  1. Write your script on what you want to talk about in your video. To give you an estimate, about 1000 words will give you a video of around 3 minutes in length.
    • Record a voice over. You can record yourself on your phone/get a professional to record this/let text-to-speech do your job (look in the next section)
    • The previous point was valid if you’re doing a screen recording/faceless video. If you’re doing an interview/testimonial/face cam, here’s the point where you record yourself on a camera
  1. Get appropriate media for your video. This could be anything from stock images/footage to your own face and recording/ product shots
  2. Use an editor to stitch both the audio and video together (You could just use an online video editor like Recreate for this). These generally have a way for you to change the aspect ratio of the video with a single click so that you can repurpose your video across different social platforms. 
  3. Use an online tool to generate subtitles for your video (not necessary but really good to have)
  4. Create a thumbnail (see the previous section) and upload the video to Youtube


Things people don’t tell you (AI Tools For Video Creation)

  1. Long gone are the days when you had to do all of the above steps from scratch. Now AI is far ahead and can do most of these for you and all you have to do is edit.
  2. Make sure your videos are HD videos. Here are the dimensions 1920 (width) X 1080 (height) in pixels. This is standard for Youtube. 
  3. Here are the AI tools that can help you make videos –
    1. Script writing – use any of the following tools for you to generate your video script –
      1. Article Forge
      2. Rytr
      3. Conversion AI
      4. Writesonic
      5. Article Builder
      6. Copy Smith
    2. Now that you have your video script, you need voice over. You can use any online tools like – 
        1. Online Voice Recorder
        3. Virtual Speech
        4. Or you could use an online video editor tool like Recreate and use it’s inbuilt text-to-speech engine to convert your text into a voice. You can also record your voice over directly on your video. 
    3. Just a quick Note – If you are looking to target other social channels like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, voice or background music doesn’t play a huge role. Over 80% of videos on social media channels are watched without sound. Make sure you check out the section on subtitles below as they will become vital.
    4. Get media for your video – 
      1. If you’ve recorded your own face while talking or using a screen recording (use something like an inbuilt tool on windows and mac to do this.
      2. If you are talking about a physical product, just shoot a video with your mobile camera (trust me, this can turn into a professionally shot video once you finish editing)
      3. You can find stock footage for your video from any of the sites linked below –
          1. Free – 
            5. Google search for images (turn on the filter for royalty free/commercial license)
          2. Paid –
            2. Storyblocks
            3. iStock
            4. Getty Images
    5. Use an editor to stitch both the audio and video together. If you’re looking at an online tool, I would recommend Recreate. It’s an online video platform where you can add your own media, record voice overs, use text-to-speech, cut/trim and edit your videos, get access to free stock and more. If you want to convert your written article like this blog post into a video, check out this tutorial (
    6. Subtitle generators. There are online automatic subtitle generators for your video like
        1. Vidnami
        2. Subtitle Bee
        3. Happy Scribe
          (Subtitles are not a necessity, but are really good to have.)

AI Video Making Tools

AI Video Creation Tools


Getting those Initial Subscribers and Views

Most blogs give generic advice that you need to figure out your target audience, do your SEO right, have call to actions, do a perfect thumbnail and all, you’ll get your first subscribers. They are right, but as someone who is just starting out, I feel it’s a little overwhelming. For example, you’ll have an idea on your target audience but you’ll only be able to refine it once you have a couple of videos out. Here are my pointers to get started really quick!

Here are a couple of things that have worked well for me

  1. Once you put out a video make sure you double check that you have all the items in this checklist satisfied
    1. High resolution Video (1080p at least, look above for dimensions)
    2. High resolution Thumbnail
    3. Pinned post
    4. Chapters
    5. End screen added (subscription and relevant videos)
    6. Info cards added (best place to showcase other videos in your channel)
    7. Heart a comment
  2. Once these are done, for the first couple of videos, go to your other youtube accounts and throw in a like. You can like the video from the same page as well
  3. Pin a comment with your CTA to it (whether visiting the website, looking at a blog or whatever your primary goal is)
  4. You want immediate views on the video? One of the things I do is put the video as a featured video on my website. This helps in multiple ways –
    1. Google loves websites with a video on them (improves search SEO)
    2. When you embed a Youtube video on your website, the views from there count towards the total views on the video
    3. Once views start piling up, Youtube has a better chance to recommend to other users.
  5. Create a tutorials/knowledge base page on your website and directly link it to your Youtube channel playlist (Yes, create different playlists for different kinds of content you are putting out), You can move it to a separate page once you get enough subscribers and likes.
  6. Finally, more than ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on a video, Youtube prefers ‘Shares’. So whenever you’re sending across a video, just try to click on the ‘share’ link from one of your other accounts and share the link – This is a little anecdotal. I didn’t find any solid written articles on this working, but I’ve seen a surge of traffic whenever I do this.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Can you run ads on Youtube to promote your business?

Yes. But I’d suggest building up an audience first and then get into ads. By then you’ll know what kind of content to put out and also there’s social proof that a certain number of people already follow you.

Q > What are the best times to upload a video? reports that the best time to upload new content to YouTube depends on the day of the week that you publish. Here are the best times for each day:

  • Monday: 2pm-4pm
  • Tuesday: 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesday: 2pm-4pm
  • Thursday: 12pm-3pm
  • Friday: 12pm-3pm
  • Saturday: 9am-11am
  • Sunday: 9am-11am


Q> Is Youtube good for marketing?

Yes. For Recreate I found it to be one of the highest ways of driving organic traffic.


Q > How much do I have to spend on it?

Well, essentially, you can start with nothing. But if you want most of the things like editing, stock, voice overs and all covered, you can start out with as little as 10$ a month on Recreate



TL.DR: If you haven’t read the whole article, just take away these points

  1. It’s not too late to start Youtube marketing.
  2. Creating a 2 minute long video is easier and faster than writing a 2000 word blog article.
  3. Follow the checklist of 7 items I’ve listed above to take care of SEO for your Youtube videos till you get your channel to a decent size. Seven, that’s all!
  4. AI can write your video script, generate voice over from your script, automatically convert that script into a video and add subtitles. I’ve listed all the tools above.
  5. You can generate organic traffic with high quality to your website from Youtube with as little as 10$ investment/month. I would highly recommend that little investment.

Hope I covered a lot of ground there. Do these and see leads pouring in from your Youtube channel. If you have any questions or want me to write more about how AI tools can help you in your Youtube video marketing, do let me know. You can directly send me an email on

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