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Wish Your Friends and Loved Ones A Happy Birthday with A Video

Want to create a Birthday party invitation? Or maybe you just want to create a video birthday gift? How about bringing all your friends together to wish? Recreate’s birthday video maker has all of these and more! With easy to edit features, you can just drag and drop your videos, add effects like balloons and party decorations to your video with a single click. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more

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Create Birthday Videos In 3 Steps

Upload your clip to Recreate

Upload your images and clips

Upload all your happy memory pics with a single click. Adjust the order of them by dragging and dropping them onto different scenes.
Add Text To Recreate

Add text and effects

Add Names, Places and Moments you've spent together. Customize the text to suite your video. Add effects like balloons, candles and confetti. Your Video, your choice!
Export Your Video From Recreate and Share it

Export your video

Export your video with a single click and get your video in less than 5 minutes

Online Birthday Video Maker

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What kind of Birthday videos can I create?

A Birthday video could be anything from simple wishes to a recap of an old Birthday party. Here are some of the things you can do with Recreate

Birthday video gift

Get all your Friends and Family to wish on this special occasion. Join and merge all these clips, add your text and special effects and showcase a very dear and personalized Birthday message.

Party invitation

Wether it's e-invites or personal emails. Send a video invite to all your guests. Render 10s of videos within minutes and surprise your guests with personalized video invites

Birthday party recap

Make a video collage of all those amazing Birthday party memories. Save them in a video format for you to revisit those happy times again.

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More Than A Birthday Video Maker

At Recreate, we just don't want to help you create Birthday Videos for you. We want to help you with EVERYTHING video related. From repurposing your video content to automatically converting your blog posts/written content into videos, we have it all! Check out our blog posts and YouTube Channel to see what Recreate can do for you!
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