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Create appealing promotional videos to promote your new offering and attract new customers with Recreate’s Online Video Maker.

Promoting a brand is no easy business. We believe that with the current trend, videos are your best bet. But creating a promo video for your brand has always been expensive, time consuming and involved learning expensive software. What if we told you that creating a promotional video is as easy as drag-and-drop? With Recreate’s AI assisted video maker, you can create your brand videos in minutes.

How to make Promo videos

Upload your clip to Recreate

Upload your images/clips

A good promo video is a combination of your offering's images and stock footage. You get the first, we got you for the stock!
Add Text, Brand and Music Elements to your video

Add text and music

Edit your videos online with a drag and drop editor. Add text, images, shapes, crop/trim your videos and add stunning effects or music. All in a single platform
Export Your Video From Recreate and Share it

Export your video

Download and Share your Promo video across all social media channels!

Online Promo Video Maker

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Why choose Recreate?

Recreate gives you the flexibility to create stunning promo videos while keeping it easy for beginners and automating most of the ground work


A good promo video tells a great story. Recreate provides you with 3M+ royalty free stock images and clips that help you in creating a video that's worthy of your brand. You also get access to 300+ Royalty Free music and AI generated natural sounding text to speech. Be spoilt for choice!

Build a brand

Consistency is the key! Create videos that potray your brand. With Recreate's AI assisted platform, apply your brand color, logo, fonts and features all with a single click. Let your customers instantly recognize your brand through videos!

Repurpose your video content

Creating a video for every social media channel is quite time consuming. Let Recreate's AI help you repurpose your content. With a single click transform your content from square (Facebook) to Vertical (Instagram story) to Horizontal (YouTube). Repurpose the same video content and leverage the power of video marketing across all your social media channels.

What Our Customers Say About Recreate

More Than Just A Promo Video Maker

At Recreate, we just don't want to help you create Promo Videos for your Business. We want to help you with EVERYTHING video related. From repurposing your video content to automatically converting your blog posts/written content into videos, we have it all! Check out our blog posts and YouTube Channel to see what Recreate can do for you!
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