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Create YouTube Intros and Outros, full length videos, add music and voice-overs for free. All in a single platform
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Create and edit YouTube videos online

Want to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel without breaking the bank? Don’t worry about YouTube video dimensions, resolutions or aspect ratios. With Recreate, create eye-catching YouTube intros, outros, Brand logo reveals, explainer videos, product videos and More. Add Royalty-free Music, eye-catching CTAs, Subscribe, Like buttons and more!

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How to make YouTube videos

Upload your clip to Recreate

Choose the right multimedia

From Uploading your own images/clips to choosing from Royalty-free images, videos and music, we have it all. Recreate also has those handy, 'Like' and 'Subscribe' Animated Icons!
Add Text, Brand and Music Elements to your video

Crop, add text and brand elements

Crop, Trim, Splice, Merge, Add Music, B-Roll, Add Voice-overs and more. Recreate is your complete video toolkit for your brand/business to create the perfect YouTube Videos
Export Your Video From Recreate and Share it

Export your video

Recreate automatically chooses the right resolution and aspect ratio for your YouTube videos. You can just export your video in full HD resolution (YouTube loves this) with a single click

Online YouTube Video Maker

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Why Use Recreate For YouTube Videos?

Recreate give you the flexibility to create amazing YouTube videos whether you're an expert or a beginner. From creating your YouTube Channel Intro to editing to your full length video, we've got you covered!

All editing features

Recreate helps you create YouTube intros, outros, speed up, slow down, crop, trim or loop your videos. Choose from royalty-free images/clips/music all cleared for YouTube. Add animated CTAs, Like, Share and Subscribe buttons with a drag and drop.

Convert blogs/articles to YouTube videos

Recreate's AI helps automatically convert your written content like a blog post or an article into a video that can be readily uploaded to YouTube. Make YouTube into a video marketing channel from your already written content!

Repurpose your YouTube video

Market your YouTube Video to get more likes and subscribers by reposting stellar parts of your YouTube Video on other social media platforms. With Recreate's AI assisted platform transforming your YouTube video into other social media friendly formats like Square (Facebook) or Vertical (Instagram Stories or Tiktok videos) is just a click away

What Our Customers Say About Recreate

More Than Just A YouTube Video Maker

At Recreate, we just don't want to help you create YouTube Videos for your business. We want to help you with EVERYTHING video related. From repurposing your video content to automatically converting your blog posts/written content into videos, we have it all! Check out our blog posts and YouTube Channel to see what Recreate can do for you!
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