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Related Questions
Can I change the email that I signed up with?
You won’t be able to change your email by yourself. Please reach out to the customer support team at the bottom right or reach out to us at support@recreate.ai
How do I delete my account?
After cancelling the subscription, if you want to have your account deleted please mail us at support@recreate.ai from your registered email address
How do I reset my password?
  • Click on the ‘Forgot password’ link.
  • An email is sent to your account with the link to reset your password
  • Enter a new password and login
You can also reset the password once you login.
  • Login to your account
  • Under the profile icon at the top right, click on account settings
  • Under the password tab, enter your old password and the new password
How do I signup?
In order to start making videos you can signup at https://recreate.ai/signup.html If you already have an account, you can login at https://recreate.ai/signin.html
The assets don’t seem to be loading?
Step 1: Please make sure you’re using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
Step 2: Try refreshing the page, that should fix the problem in most cases
Step 3: Please check if your internet connection is faster than 2 mbs
How do I preview the scene?
Just click on the ‘Play’ button under the scene and you can see the scene play out.
How do I change the duration of my scene?
There is a timer under the scene. Click on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to adjust the timing.
How to add transitions between scenes?
Just click on the ‘Transitions’ tab on the left and drag and drop it below the scene.
How to delete a scene?
Just click on the ‘trash can icon’ at the bottom right corner of the scene to delete it
How to change the order of scenes?
Sorry, currently we don’t support it. Just copy paste the elements from one scene onto another
How do I add new scenes?
You can add a new scene by clicking on the green color ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the scene.
How do I play all the scenes together?
Just click on the ‘Preview’ button at the top right corner of the page.
How can I rotate elements on the scene?
One you drop the element on the scene and select it, you should be seeing a rotate button at the top of the selected element. Just click -> hold -> turn it around.
How can I copy paste elements?
You can select an element and press -
Copy: MacBook – 'Cmd + C' Windows – 'Ctrl + C' Paste: MacBook – 'Cmd + V' Windows – 'Ctrl + V'

Or use the buttons on the top bar to copy paste.
Can I copy an element from one scene to another?
Yes, copy paste works across all scenes
How do I center align an element?
Recreate’s scenes come with snapping. When you move the element closer to the center, it shows gridlines and snaps to the center.
How to add subtitles to a video?
Add multiple text boxes and then animate them with the animation time to come in and go out at specified intervals.
Where can I redeem Pitchground coupons?
Follow these steps -
Step1 - Sign up for Recreate on recreate.ai
Step2 - On the top right under the ‘Profile’ button, you’ll find ‘Account Settings’ just click that.
Step3 - Click on the ‘Subscription’ tab and enter the coupon code.
Step4 - Check if the plan name has changed and you’re good to go.
Step5 - Click on the Recreate icon on the top right and you can start creating videos!
Is there a limit on the number of text to speech audio files I can generate?
Nope, as long as you have credits. You are good to go.
What is the maximum length of text I can use for one text-to-speech?
1000 Characters. It’s a medium sized paragraph.
How many ReCredits is text-to-speech?
Currently it is 0.5 ReCredits.
How many languages do you support?
Currently we support 29 Languages.
How many voices do you support?
We support around 65+ voices.
Is there a limit on the number of Images I can use Background Removal on?
Nope, as long as you have credits. You are free to use.
What is the maximum upload size of an image?
The maximum upload size is 25Mb
Can I use the Background Removed Image in my videos?
Yes. Once you remove the background. The image is stored in your folder. You can access the folder and drag and drop it on your video.
What do I do if the Background is not removed properly?
You can click on the edit button and edit the image.
How many ReCredits is Background Removal?
One Image Background Removal is 5 ReCredits.
Do I have reseller rights to the image?
Yes. You can remove the background from the image and use it wherever
What are ReCredits?
Recreate is a full suite of software. Think of ReCredits as virtual currency. You can use ReCredits to not not only create videos but use other tools as well.
How many ReCredits do I get?
The number of Recredits is dependent on the plan you take.
Do my ReCredits rollover?
No, ReCredits do not rollover. But, if you are on yearly/lifetime plan, your credits will automatically renew every month
Where can I check the remaining ReCredits I have?
You can check your balance under Profile > Account Settings > Subscriptions
What happens if I run out of Recredits?
If you run out of ReCredits, you can still create videos. But they will have a watermark. You will lose access to certain tools in the suite.
Can I top-up my ReCredits?
We understand that some months are more busy than the others. You can top-up your credits for the month from the pricing page.
Does Recreate have an affiliate program?
Yes, please sign up on Affiliate Program
Is there a minimum system requirement for Recreate to work?
Recreate currently is only suitable for desktops and laptops. There are no system requirements but we highly recommend an internet connection that’s faster than 2Mbps.
How many team members can I share a project with?
Sharing depends on the plan you’ve taken. The total users for each plan is as follows :
Premium - 3, Premium LTD - 3, Premium Plus LTD - 5, Unlimited - 8
Can I share a folder with someone outside Recreate?
Yes you can. An email will go to them asking them to signup for Recreate. Once they do, they will be able to access the folder and it’s contents.
How can I add more team members after the limit?
Please reach out to us at support@recreate.ai and we can customize the number of team members for you.
How can I delete a team member?
Please reach out to us at support@recreate.ai and we can remove the users from your team. Please be sure to sign in with your admin account.
Why are some emails greyed out in the share option?
These users don’t have a registered account on Recreate. Once they signup with this email, they’ll be able to see the shared folders.
Is there a limit on the number of folders I can create?
No, you can create as many folders as you like.
I am unable to change the name of the folder?
You can change names for the folders that are owned by you. Folders that are shared by other users will have their names set.
Who can delete my folder?
Only the owner of the folder can delete it.
Can I share the default folder?
No, the default folder and the default uploads are not shareable.
How do I share content from the default folder with a teammate?
Please create a new folder and move the videos and uploads from your default folder to this new folder and share it
How do I apply brand presets?
From the ‘Brand’ tab on the left, just upload your logo, select your color palette and click on apply presets to apply your brand presets throughout the video.
Can I add multiple brand presets?
Yes, every plan from our Premium and up has multiple brand presets.
I don’t see the font I want, what should I do?
Under the font dropdown of the brand preset you have selected, just click on the ‘Upload font’ button and you can upload the .tff file for that font.
Can I change the location where my logo is stitched?
Currently we only support logo stitching at the top right corner of the video. If you’re looking at custom placement, just upload your logo in the ‘Uploads’ tab and drag and drop it on the scene at the required place.
What if I want only my logo to appear and not the colors of the brand.
On the ‘Brand’ tab on the left, select the brand preset you want and just click on the ‘Save’ button. It should apply your logo and not the color presets.
How do I download my video?
On the top right of the storyboard (editor) page, there is a download button. That should download a video.
What should I do if my download fails?
From the editor page, click on the profile icon. Under the drop down go to ‘Your Videos’ page and find the project you’re working on and give it for download. Please inform our support team through the chat window/ write to us at support@recreate.ai with the project ID and the download credit will be reimbursed.
How do I delete a video project?
Step1 - From the User Icon on the top right, go to ‘Your Videos’ page
Step2 - Click on the ‘trash can’ icon on the project you want to delete.
Step3 - Confirm the delete option
Can I work on another project while the current one is downloading?
Yes, it won’t affect your work. You can find the completed video in the ‘Your Videos’ page.
How do I create the same video with different dimensions?
You can select the format tab at the top and select the other ratio you want. We try to arrange your scenes as much as we can to fit the new dimensions, but a little tweaks might be necessary from your end.
How to edit a project name?
From ‘Your Videos’ page just double click on the name of the project and rename it.
My project Preview isn’t loading well, will it affect the quality of my final video?
Sometimes, on slow internet connections, the Preview might lag. Rest assured, the downloaded video won’t be affected by this.
What type of files can I upload?
Currently we only support images and videos.
What video formats are supported for upload?
Currently we support .avi, .mov and .mp4 video formats.
Is there a limit on the upload size?
Yes. Please check our pricing page to see the different upload file limits
What is the maximum duration of the video that can be uploaded?
Currently, there is only a limit on the size of the file and not the duration.
I am unable to fetch content from a website.
Some websites impose a setting where they do not allow other programs to fetch their content. In other cases, due to technical restrictions and structural limitations on a few websites, it becomes challenging to fetch content from that website. In such cases, there isn't much we can do.
Where do I see the scraped article/website?
You can see the complete scraped content under the ‘Story’ tab on the left
Why aren’t some scenes loaded with images?
The algorithm tries to pick images from your article/website. If these are copyrighted or are non-fetchable, the scene is blank.
What percentage of the article do you summarize? Can I change this?
Currently we summarize your article to 40% it’s current length. All the scenes that are generated on the right are from the summarized content.
Do you summarize the content when I type in text?
No. When you enter text, we try to identify each sentence and put it on a different scene. The summarization algorithm only works on the website link.
How do I change the template once I start creating a video?
One you drop the element on the scene and select it, you should be seeing a rotate button at the top of the selected element. Just click -> hold -> turn it around.Template changing is not possible once you’ve started creating a video. You can change the aspect ratio by clicking the ‘format’ button on the top panel.
How can I request for a custom template?
You can send us a request on the theme of the template you’re looking for at support@recreate.ai Custom made templates for your individual personal need is not a service we provide now.
How often do you add new templates?
We add about 50+ templates every month.
How can I add music to my video?
To add music, click on the ‘Music’ tab on the left and select the music you want. The selected music is highlighted with a blue border around it.
I've selected the music but I can’t hear it when I play the scene
You’ll only hear the music when you click on the ‘Preview’ button at the top right and preview the whole video.
How do I adjust the music volume on my video?
The music volume on the video is directly linked to the music you select. You can adjust the volume in the music tab and it’ll reflect in the downloaded video.
How do I turn off the music?
Just select any music and set the volume to zero (mute the video)
My video was blocked on social media due to music copyright issue, what can I do?
If you’ve used music from Recreate’s library, then you don’t have to worry. You can directly contest it. If it comes to that, we can send you a copy of the music license. The most important thing is that, at times, few social media algorithms are just being overly cautious. Also, note that there could be copyright claims related to the content and the message. Recreate cannot take responsibility for that.
What elements can I animate?
Everything you drop on the scene can be animated. Text, images, videos, gifs, overlays. Just select the element and head over to the ‘animate’ tab on the left.
How do I animate?
Follow these steps -
  • Select the element on the scene
  • Head over to the ‘Animation’ tab on the left. On the layers, the selected layer appears with a blue border
  • Click on ‘In’ if you want to animate the element into the scene or ‘Out’ if you want the element to leave the scene.
  • From the drop down, select the type of animation you want.
  • Enter the start time.
  • Enter the duration.
  • Click on the ‘Play’ button under the scene to see the animation play out.
I want more animation types, what do I do?
We are trying to add 1-2 animations every week. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, just write to us at support@recreate.ai
What values for start time and duration can I give on the animation?
You can control your animations precisely upto 2 decimal places. The durations are in seconds. We recommend that the start time + duration is less than the scene length
Can I give two animations to the same element?
Yes, as long as one is ‘In’ animation and the second is a ‘Out’ animation.
Some elements on the template are not moving. What should I do?
These elements might be locked. Under the ‘Animation’ tab on the left, just check if any of the elements has the ‘lock’ icon on it. Just click on the lock icon and it will unlock the layer.
How do I unlock a layer?
Select the layer you want to unlock and click on the ‘Lock’ icon on the right.
How do I add text?
You can add text by navigating to the ‘Text’ tab on the left and clicking on the ‘Add Text’ Button. Text is always added to the scene that is active. Active scenes have a blue border around them.
How to edit text?
When on the scene, just click the text text box. A cursor will appear and you can start editing the text. To get out of the editing mode, just click outside or press the escape key.
I can’t see the font type I want!
Paid plan members have the ability to upload their own fonts under the ‘Brand’ tab on the left
How to make the text background transparent?
Select the text you want to have a transparent background for, then head over to the ‘Text’ tab on the left and under the background, click the ‘down arrow’ and check the ‘Transparent’ box
Can I add multiple videos to a scene?
Yes, just drag and drop them on the scene you want.
How do I crop my video?
Drag and drop the video on the scene. Now select the video and then click on the crop icon at the bottom right corner of the scene. You will be able to crop the video from that tool
Can I trim my video?
Yes, just drag and drop the video on the scene. Now select the video and then click on the crop/trim icon at the bottom right corner of the scene. You will be able to trim the video from that tool
What formats of video can I upload?
You can upload videos of the following formats - mp4, mov and avi.
How long does it take to render my video?
It takes about 3X the length of your video. Ie. If your video is 2min, it takes anywhere from 6-7 minutes to render your video and export it.
What is the maximum video length I can create?
Right now Chrome supports only 15 min videos. That’s the maximum length of video you can export
What is the file format of the downloaded videos?
Downloaded videos are in the .mp4 format.
Can I download videos in other formats?
Currently we only support mp4 format
Does Recreate support Graphs, Charts etc as elements?
These would require custom integrations with your APIs. Please reach out to raja@recreate.ai and we can work something out!
How can I color my elements?
All element related features like color, thickness, opacity, skew etc. are all available under the ‘Design’ tab on the left.
How can I move my element up and down?
There are two ways to do it on Recreate. First select the element -
  • Then head over to the ‘Animation’ tab on the left. The selected element has a blue border. You can hold the element by the mouse click-down and move it up and down on the order stack
  • On the top pane, there are two buttons marked ‘layer up’ and ‘layer down’ just click on them to move the elements.
How do I add shapes to my video?
Standard shapes are present under the ‘Design’ tab on the left
How do I delete an element?
Select the element and then click the ‘Delete Element’ button on the right of the top pane. Alternatively, you can try pressing the shift+delete key.
How do I add overlays/stickers/svgs to my scene?
All of these are present under the ‘Media’ tab on the left. Just scroll right on the top bar and you can simply drag and drop these onto the scenes on the right
How can I add multiple images to my scene?
Just drag and drop any number of images on the scene from the left.
How can I resize an image?
When you select an image on the scene, it appears with corners which can be dragged to resize the image.
How do I replace an existing image?
Drag and drop the new image on the existing image. A pop-up appears asking if you want to add it as a new layer or replace it. Click on ‘Replace’
How can I upload my own images?
Select the ‘Uploads’ tab and drag and drop your images onto the space provided
Are the images available within the tool, copyright free?
Yes, Recreate provides copyright free images.
How to crop an image?
Drag and drop the image on the scene. Select the image and select the ‘crop’ button on the bottom right of the scene. A cropping tool opens with your image in it.
How to apply filters to my image?
Filters, brightness, contrast and other settings are available under the ‘Advanced Features’ of the ‘Design’ tab
How are the number of videos counted?
Every video that is downloaded counts towards the quota of videos. Videos that are previewed and saved for later don’t count.
Are the remaining videos in my plan carried forward to the next billing cycle?
Videos from the current billing cycle will not be carried forward to the next billing cycle
What kind of cards do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard through Stripe
Will I be charged automatically when my subscription is over?
Yes, recurring billing is activated on all accounts. Your credit card will be charged automatically on your billing date, and your subscription will be renewed.
What are reseller rights?
Reseller right state that you can resell the videos that you create on Recreate. Meaning - They are yours! You can use them anywhere you want in any way.
Where can I check my plan details?
On the top right under the profile icon, click on account settings. You’ll find your current plan details under the subscription tab.
How to cancel my subscription?
Step 1: Click on the top right profile Icon
Step 2: Click on account settings
Step 3: Under the subscription tab, you’ll find your current plan
Step 4: Click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button
What happens to my videos after I cancel my subscription?
Once you cancel your subscription, you will enjoy the benefits of your current plan, till the end of your billing cycle. After the end of your billing cycle, you will be downgraded to a watermark plan. You can access Recreate and make videos using all the features. However, any newly exported videos, whether created before or after the downgrade, will carry a watermark on them.
Do you have a free trial period?
Yes, you can create upto 20 videos for free. They will be with Recreate watermark, 720p resolution and limited upload capabilities.