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Loop videos any number of times. It's online and completely Free!

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Video Looping Software

Want to create a video that loops over and over again? How about looping one interesting part of your video or one small segment? With Recreate, it’s super easy with the ability to crop out a segment of your video, loop it and attach it back to your video. You can always loop the whole video and control the speed of your video. Make it fast or slow, all of these controls and super easy to use. No experience required and no software download required. Recreate is a completely online video editing software that lets you loop videos for multiple social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

How To Loop Your Videos?

Upload your clip to Recreate

Upload your video

Upload your Video with a single click. You can reuse the clip across multiple videos.
how to loop a video on Recreate

Click on loop

Drop your video onto the canvas and loop your video with a single click. You can also trim out a small part of your video and change its speed and loop it. Join the looped part with your original video by dropping it on another canvas
Export Your Video From Recreate and Share it

Export your looped video

Save your video with the newly looped part with a single click. Your video will be ready in MP4 format in less than 5 minutes.

Loop Videos Online Tutorial

Loop a full video or just a part

Recreate lets you loop a complete video and also a short part of your video and then rejoin it with your original video. Add Text, Graphics, Animations and more and you can loop all of them with your video.

Loop a full video or a part of it on Recreate
Repurpose your looped video with changed speed

Repurpose your looped video

With Recreate, your looped video will always be present in your projects folder. You can reuse it across any platform by resizing. Be it Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or TikTok

What Our Customers Say About Recreate

More than just a video looping software

At Recreate, we don't want to help you just loop your videos. We want to help you with EVERYTHING video related. We are video mad and want to make it EXTREMELY easy for you to create and edit videos. From repurposing your video content to automatically converting your blog posts/written content into videos, we have it all! Check out our blog posts and YouTube Channel to see what Recreate can do for you!
Image Showing Recreate's Additional Features