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Resize your video to fit any social media format. It's a single click and completely Free!

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Video Resizing Online

Want to create a video for Instagram? Confused about the dimensions, aspect ration, resolution, frame rate? Don’t worry, Recreate’s got you covered. Just choose the Instagram dimension and we’ll take care of the rest for you. With Recreate, you can also repurpose your instagram story to other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and TikTok. Resizing your existing content is just a click away. You can also crop out part of your video and repurpose that across your social media. Resize your videos now with Recreate’s AI powered video editor.

How To Resize With Recreate

Upload your clip to Recreate

Upload your video

Upload your Video with a single click. You can reuse the clip across multiple videos and multiple video formats

Reshape and resize your video

Once you finish editing your video, just head over to the format tab and click on the platform you want to create a video for. Recreate's AI automatically tries to adjust your video to those formats. Make final edits and you're good to go
Export Your Video From Recreate and Share it

Export your resized video

Save your video in the format of your choice with a single click. Your video will be ready in MP4 format in less than 5 minutes

Resize Your Videos Online Tutorial

AI assisted resizing

Recreate is an AI assisted video editor. Turn your content from one format to another with a single click. Our AI tries to fit your video to the new size as best as it can. With a few edits you can repurpose your content across all social media channels in minutes. Increase your brand and business reach with Recreate

Recreate's AI resizing videos
Reducing video size by resizing on Recreate

Customization and file size reduction

With Recreate you can not just resize your video, you can mask it into different shapes (think circle, video behind text and more). With resizing you can also reduce the file size so it becomes extremely easy for your users to share, download or stream your content.

What Our Customers Say About Recreate

More than just resizing videos

At Recreate, we don't want to just help you resize your videos. We want to help you with EVERYTHING video related. We are video mad and want to make it EXTREMELY easy for you to create and edit videos. From repurposing your video content to automatically converting your blog posts/written content into videos, we have it all! Check out our blog posts and YouTube Channel to see what Recreate can do for you!
Image Showing Recreate's Additional Features